Coaching Application

Form to complete is at the bottom of this page….


All coaches must ALSO apply and complete a background check through AAU.

You can do that here.

TRBC Club Code #  WW69TA

(Please keep receipt for reimbursement, if selected as a coach we will pay for the AAU membership)

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Why Coach for TRBO?

As a coach for TRBO you will receive…

*guidance & support from high school program & coaches

*opportunities to build your coaching career

 *reimbursement of coaching expenses.

*education & support from a “Youth Area Director” and a “Coaches Coordinator”

*opportunities to attend paid for coaches clinics

*direction, guidance, and support with parents, admin duties, etc. so that you

can focus on mentoring young ladies and teaching the game of basketball.

*we require players and parents to respect coaches, the time they give and the energy they put forth.  We have systems in place to help with this.

*some flexibility to build your team’s practice & game schedule around your personal schedule

TRBO is passionate about raising up new coaches and teaching them how to be successful and build a team.  We have people in place to “coach the coaches”.  We also desire to see passionate coaches be successful and feel supported so that they do not burn out.



Coaching Expectations


  • Sideline demeanor, coaching style, actions and communication needs to reflect TRBO’s mission statement, and philosophy.
  • To emphasize championship character, unselfishness and team unity
  • Encourage participants to play for their high school feeder program teams. (NO recruiting)
  • To complete an evaluation form for each player (Winter Only)
  • To attend coaching clinic/meeting at beginning of the season
  • Develop your personal philosophy and expectations
      • Written out and shared with parents & players prior to first game
  • Have a written plan for each practice
  • To maintain a professional relationship with those you coach
  • Foster a love for the game
  • Celebrate small successes and maintain a positive coaching style
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Provide your team with the best opportunity to grow and develop
  • Lead by example
  • Place players appropriately based on their abilities
  • Respect referees
  • Be good ambassadors for the high school and TRBO
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with parents and/or your “Team Parent”
  • Host & attend a mandatory parent meeting prior to first game for all participants on your team.
  • To develop a written (1) coaching philosophy statement, (2) Goals for the season, (3) Expectations for players to hand out and share to parents at your season meeting.  (Please send a copy to AYD)
  • Complete “Team Information Form” on TRBO website and/or give to AYD
  • Host and organize an end of the season celebration event (Winter season only).
  • Ensure that all equipment is checked out and checked in, including team uniforms.

** ALL TRBO coaches, youth directors, and board members must register with AAU.  AAU conducts a background check with your application.  You will not be allowed to attend TRBO events or practices until you have provided confirmation of your membership.  Note that this is done yearly and there is a projected turn around of 5-10 days.


Reimbursements will be given at the conclusion of the season and when all obligations including team equipment and uniforms have been returned.


Coaching Application

  • Skills & Knowledge

    Please rate your knowledge of the following topics by checking the appropriate number. Your honesty is appreciated. We are not in the search for experts but those willing to become better.
  • Please list the name, address, and telephone number (if available) of two persons who can attest to your potential. (or provide a letter of reference)