Communication Form

Communication Guidelines

We are open to communication which is expressed in a way that seeks clarification, understanding AND that respects the guidelines we have set forth below

We understand that…

  •  Players interpretation of what was said by a coach is not always clear
  •  Due to emotions, players do not always communicate the whole story or remember all that was said
  • Parents may be able to offer some insight or they may have some concerns when it comes to their child’s well being.


If this occurs please follow the appropriate steps below.


Step 1:  PLAYER GOES TO HIS/HER TEAM’S HEAD COACH (Parent may be present with player to help guide & support child’s communication)






We have set up a “Communication Form” to ensure that all issues are properly handled, and out of respect for those who are taking the time out of their personal lives to be a part of TRBO.


Step 3:  A TRBO Executive Board member, the AYD and/or the Coach will evaluate and review the communication form.


Step 4:  One of TRBO’s members who evaluated the form will communicate within 5-7 days of receiving the filing and let you know the next step and/or the result.



EXAMPLES OF COMMUNICATION that does not require a Communication Form:


  1. Any communication through a player. (Step 1 above)
  2. If a player will be late to a team event.
  3. If a player will not be able to attend a team event.
  4. If there is an emergency issue.
  5. If there is an issue regarding a player’s health. (Ex. Injury, eating disorder, illness)
  6. If there is an issue regarding unhealthy choices a player is making (Ex. Skipping school, failing grades, rebelling)
  7. Logistical questions. (Ex. Time of the game)





  1. Do NOT text, email, or call a coach or TRBO member with an “issue or complaint” regarding playing time, basketball strategy, coaches decisions, other players, or with any language that seeks to attack the coach personally or the way they are coaching.


  1. Do NOT confront the coach or a TRBO member before, during or after a team event to discuss playing time, basketball strategy, coaches decisions, other players, or with any language that seeks to attack the coach personally or the way they are coaching.


  1. We instruct our coaches to not engage in any communication that is confrontational, makes them uncomfortable, breaks guidelines or has not been arranged through the “Communication Form”.



If you choose to communicate in one of these ways, you will not be listened to, but will be instructed to complete a “Communication Form”.  If you continue to communicate in disrespectful ways, TRBO will take it before the executive board and may choose disciplinarian action, up to dismissing your child from the TRBO.



Issues that will be discussed through submitting a “Communication Form”:

1.  The mental & physical well being of your child

2.  What your child needs to do to improve

3.  Concerns about your son’s/daughter’s behavior

4.  Seeking clarification to what your daughter said occurred or happened.


Issues that will not be discussed at any time or by any means:

1.  Team strategy or play calling

2.  Other student athletes

3.  How much playing time each athlete is getting



Please remember that coaches have a personal life.  They are spouses, parents, employees, etc.  We ask that you respect their time and life off of the court by following these communication guidelines.  Also be reminded of the principles that guide them.  TRBO coaches desire to teach young people what it takes to improve their basketball skills, commitment, and leadership.  They will criticize at times, discipline members, attempt multiple ways to motivate, and fail themselves as they seek to help young people grow.

But all in all, they do desire what is best for the team and for your child. In order to help members reach their goals, effective communication and a willingness to problem-solve are key components.

Parent Communication Form

To communicate about a problem, an issue, file a complaint or to make a request please complete the following form. Email the completed form to, or to your youth coach. You may also mail it to PO BOX 58313, Eugene, OR 97405. Within 5-7 business days of the receipt of this form a TRBC member will contact you about the result or next step regarding this form.