Petition for Team Placement

The following form MUST be completed for each season!

Team Placement Petition

Any player wishing to petition for placement on a team other than the one formed at his/her school must complete this petition and await approval from TRBO.
  • TRBO makes school based teams.

    **Registrants are required to play on the team formed for the school that they attend. **Home schooled registrants will be assigned to a team in their area of residence. **Registrants attending a school outside their area of residence have the option to be placed on a team formed at their area of residence. **Petitions will be considered after the close of registration, based on availability and are subject to approval by TRBO. **TRBO has final say in any petition request. **A petition is for the current sport season. If granted it is not guaranteed for the next season. **Denied petitions are subject to the TRBO refund policy.