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HS Club.Elite Teams Common Questions & Answers

Who can play on a TRBO Club/Elite Team?

Anyone. It does not matter if you have previously played on a Total Release Basketball team or not. This is open to all, no matter what school you attend.

When & where are try­outs?


Can I play on TRBO & my high school team?

Yes, TRBO believes the high school team comes first. We have attempted to arrange our game & tournament schedule to minimize conflict so you can play with your high school team and TRBO.

Can I play on TRBO & participate in a spring sport at my school?

Yes, that is your choice. In this situation a player & their family need to communicate clearly and ahead of time where their daughter will be in the event of a conflict between the two sports. Example: Softball game and a TRBO game fall on the same day, my daughter will be attending her softball game.

How are teams selected?

This is a try­out team. Not all players who try­out for our Elite teams are guaranteed a spot on a team. Players will be evaluated at try­out practices and placed on a team.

How will we get to the games/tournaments?

Parents will be responsible for organizing transportation for their child.  We will have team information available and a team parent to help arrange for the team to stay together while at tournaments.  Many families choose to travel to the tournaments.  If you are unable to attend communicate with the team parent to help with with making arrangements for your child.  Coaches are prohibited from transporting players.  Nor are they responsible for them off the court.

Is hotel & travel cost included?

No.  See above.

Once at a tournament, what will my daughter/son have to pay for?

She will need personal spending money, some entertainment money and meal money.

Will parents be able to travel with the team?


How much does it cost?

The cost to participate in TRBO Elite teams is comparable to other club sport experiences in the Willamette Valley.   We have fundraising options to help defray the cost for players.  The detailed cost is currently being worked out, as we are checking into travel costs to tournaments.

How will we pay?

At the time of teams being selected, a deposit it due.  After the initial deposit, parent will have the ability to either pay all up front or to split the cost into monthly payments. Parents will also have the ability to pay by cash, credit card, or check.

Who will coach the Elite Teams?

We are currently seeking applications for coaches and have not specifically assigned a coach to a team. Preference will be given to coaches with prior experience. We are looking for people with experience from the college level to the high school level to middle school level. Our Elite coaches will be paid for their time.  You can always check out the “Who We Are” link and find out about coaches who are working in our program.

What if we have more questions?

You can also email totalreleasebasketball@gmail.com or

High School Girls:   Chelsea at chelsea@totalreleasebasketball.org  541-517-5257

High School Boys:  Eddie  at ddelite@totalreleasebasketball.org  541-729-9615

Youth Boys & Girls (Grades 4th-8th):   alex@totalreleasebasketball.org     253-363-1572

We appreciate the opportunity to address any questions or rumors directly :­)

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