Valley Team Info

What are Valley Teams?

  1. To provide an opportunity for 4A-1A players to participate in TRBO basketball organization.  Many small school areas do not have enough players to make their own team.  Thus we help find them a place and team to play with.
  2. To provide a team & TRBO basketball opportunities for non-partnered school area players. (Example:  North Eugene Boys, Churchill Boys & Girls, South Eugene Boys)
  3. HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS:   To provide a place for high school players to continue developing their basketball skills outside the regular season without too many time demands. (Fall & Spring Teams ONLY for HS)
  • Our priority is your high school team as our goal is to build up the high school program.  This team will NOT conflict with your high school team.
  • To allow participants in other sports to play (I.E. Volleyball, soccer, Track, Softball)  In-season sport comes first.
  • We attempt to keep players together from the same school.

If your child’s school area is not listed as a partnered program we may look at the following options:

  • Form a TRBO valley team with players from various school areas. (Example: 4 North Eugene, 3 Junction City, 2 Churchill)
  • Add your chid to an existing school area team.  (Example:  Adding a Churchill player to a Willamette team)
  • Please understand that we seek to place kids from the same school area on the same team together.  We do consider proximity as to minimize the travel time necessary for attending practices.

TRBO works alongside high school coaches who desire to be aided in the building of their feeder basketball teams. Many high school coaches have set up a partnership with TRBO to do that.  If the HS program you reside in or your child attends is not partnered with TRBO, we will provide a team for your child to particiapte on.  We encourage you to sign up!  Please understand though that many of the “preparing for HS basketball” goals we seek to achieve through a HS partnership will not be available.  We encourage communication with your local HS coach to inquire about what they have set up for their youth feeder teams.  

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