Winter Conflict 4

Parents and Players-

We need to be able to set a schedule of games that the majority of players can attend.  The last thing we want is to get on the bad side of tournament and league directors.  We have a great relationship with organizations and tournament directors around the state because we are organized and follow through on our commitments.

Please complete this conflict form BY MONDAY, November 20th so we can continue having the strong reputation that follows our teams.

When games are scheduled and times are set… we follow through and show up!  Make your “yes be yes and your no be no”.  The team is counting on you and your commitment!

The majority of our games will be played in the local Oregon Amateur Basketball fall league (  Please recognize that OAB is a very beneficial fundraiser for high school programs.  OAB does charge a $6 admission price.  Games will be posted on the OAB website the Wednesday prior to the weekend.  We will also send out a copy of the game schedule to parents at that time.


Winter Conflicts

This form is to help us determine the best game schedule and practice schedule for players.

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  • Absences & Conflicts

    If you are available every day after school do not check any boxes
  • If you are unavailable please explain the time frame, reason, and details of the conflict.
    We will choose which days to play our games according to the majority. We will play multiple games in one day. We prefer to participate in 2-day tournaments that start Saturday and end Sunday. We do have the option of only playing on one day, but this will depend on people's schedule. Some weekends we will take off all together. There are a few Monday non-school day options of 3 games in one day that the coach may consider.
  • If you are unavailable or maybe unavailable please explain the time frame, reason, and details of the conflict. (Example: Piano recital from 6 pm - 8pm)


If anything changes to this form notify your coach at least one week ahead of the tournament/game days.  As this allows time for adjustments to be made.  Any changes that happen within a week or less creates a very difficult situation for your team and your coach.  Communication and doing so in ample time is important.

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