Youth Director Internship

Youth Program Director Internship

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Do you want to learn how to manage a multi­team sports program?
Do you want to learn the communication skills required in the youth sports industry? Do you want to be a high school head coach?
Do you want to coach an elite travel team?
Do you have aspirations to coach at the college level?
Do you have aspirations to work in Sports Administration?

●  You will work closely with local high school Varsity coaches & their staffs. As well as TRBO personnel.  Some high school areas Youth Director position coincides with an assistant high school coaching position.  Email or include in application if the dual role of being a HS assistant coach & youth director interests you.

●  You will learn the “ins and outs” of running a successful basketball program.

●  You will gain experience in how to manage and oversee multiple teams and coaches.

●  You will become a part of a coaching community that will offer support, opportunities, encouragement and feedback.

  • All of this is designed to give you experience and preparation to reach your coaching and management goals.

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