Photo by Abhishek Chandra


About Us


Success by many in our society today has been defined by winning, obtaining a scholarship, by the number of trophies you own, etc. We believe these extrinsic rewards can be appreciated but feel they have also placed unrealistic expectations on young people today. The common definition of success can actually hinder athletic performance as young people strive to live up to these demands. They become afraid to make mistakes and begin performing for others – scouts, parents, coaches, fans, news media – in order to gain their approval in some way. Our goals is to return the game of basketball to the players. We strive to create an environment where players can TOTALLY RELEASE their performance.

Total Release is…

  • Enjoying the competitive moment
  • Focusing on the process instead of the outcome/result (The HOW vs The What)
  • Having a team first attitude
  • Eliminating outside distractions, fears, gossip, & selfishness
  • Being confident in your team and your role on the team.
  • Competing whole heartily. (Discipline, strength, concentration, speed, strategy, enthusiasm, etc. are all wrapped up in the word “Heartily”)



To achieve Total Release we hold players accountable to their character, discipline and effort. Our coaches promote and teach the components of Total Release alongside the best basketball teaching, skill development and team development in the Willamette Valley. We desire to win but balance that with growth in skill and the building of character.

We judge success by the displaying of our character, our improvement & growth, playing unified basketball, and our ability to compete whole heartily. We believe that if a program, it’s coaches and players can focus on these four areas we will maximize our abilities, Totally Release our performance and enjoy the game.

We define confidence as the ability to consistently believe in oneself (or others) despite the circumstances, criticism, past results and what others say.

Mission Statement

The mission of Total Release Basketball is to provide young people the opportunity to develop the lifelong learning skills & character necessary to become positive, contributing citizens of society. We desire young people to learn what true success is, how to be successful and to experience success both on and off the court.

We are a non-profit that works alongside high school programs to offer year around basketball opportunities for young people of all grades and of all skill abilities.