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Financial Assistance

Fee Reduction

Fee reduction is available for the TRBO Youth Feeder Program and Valley Teams.  As well as our JR TuRBO skill sessions.

TRBO uses the same income guidelines for Fee Reduction as the school districts do to determine who receives free school lunches. If your children are eligible for free or reduced school lunches, they will qualify for fee reduction from TRBO.   For our feeder youth program & valley teams sport seasons, amount is 35-50% off of the registration fee, excluding additional fees such as equipment, uniforms, etc.  For our JR TuRBO skill session eligible participants will receive a fee reduction of 35%.

The award letter stating your child’s eligibility for free school lunches or financial aid MUST be provided.

The award letter may be obtained from the district office (Bethel, 4J orSpringfield, see below for contact information). The district offices will no longer fax us these forms as it is confidential information and TRBO is a third party recipient. You may request a district staff member to print, mail or e-mail you the award letter which then can be submitted to TRBO.

YOUR CHILD IS NOT REGISTERED UNTIL WE RECEIVE PAYMENT. As a result he or she will not appear on the roster and is ineligible for participation (including practices) until the fees are paid.

If we do not receive payment by the registration deadline, there is no guarantee that TRBO can hold a place on a team for your child.

Fee Reduction is awarded for one school year (fee reductions apply for the duration of a single school year, beginning in September and ending the following August). Some clinics, camps and the club teams that are offered through TRBO do not have fee reduction available.  Please inquire to the appropriate coordinator to discuss fundraising opportunities.

Fee Reduction Application

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The award letter stating your child's eligibility for free school lunches or financial aid MUST be provided. We do have financial aid for other circumstances that may not require the above. Things to consider are your current job status, any current hardships, etc. (Partial scholarships are available, as well as payment methods.)
Please upload the award letter stating your child's eligibility for free or reduced school lunches.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
List extraordinary family expenses or circumstances (medical, educational loans, etc) by type and monthly amount.
Please write name below certifying that you are the parent or legal guardian of the player named. You also certify that the foregoing financial ability information is true and correct.

If you need further assistance...

Contact your Area Youth Director or you can email