How We Find Coaches

Finding a coach for your child, their team and other teams is a community wide effort. We are currently accepting candidates for coaching with TRBO. It has become increasingly difficult to find people willing to coach in our community. Each year TRBO, KidSports, & YMCA have teams without coaches. Don’t let this happen to your child’s team!

We encourage parents to aid in the effort to find their child a coach. If there is a parent who is available please let us know or if you know someone in the community who would be a good fit for your child’s team please tell them to contact us. Even if your child’s team has a coach PLEASE send recommendations as other teams are in need.

How we find coaches

To find coaches takes a community wide effort from:

  1. The Parents
  2. TRBO
  3. The High School Program (for partnered programs only)

What parents can do:

  1. Please recruit and reach out to those you know and believe would be a good fit for your child and their team. Pass their name along to TRBO or encourage them to contact TRBO.
  2. Encourage a respected parent to offer their time to coach. (or how about you?)
  3. If you have a current coach you don’t like… be a part of the solution and find a better one!
  4. Get in touch with your Area Youth Director/Liaison to see how you or a group of parents could assist the effort.
  5. Treat your child’s coach well and show them respect. We want to encourage people in our community to volunteer as coaches. #1 reason people stop coaching is due to parent demands. Be the supportive and appreciative parent!
  6. Parents are able to show their recognition and appreciation of time given through the means they desire. TRBO is only able to offer reimbursement of expenses at this time due to school district user guidelines.

A little information that ties are hands and ability to locate coaches:

School districts in our community require that coaches be volunteers for gym usage. TRBO is unable to pay coaches. We appreciate those who are willing to volunteer 4-10 hours a week. If we could pay them as they do at the high school level, we believe we would have more viable candidates in our community stepping up to coach the youth.

We average over 60 teams in TRBO per year and thus we put in A LOT of effort to recruit coaches.

What partnered High School Programs do:

  1. They reach out to former players inquiring if they would be interested in coaching.
  2. They reach out to other coaching community members they know to see if they would be interested.
  3. We draw coaches who have interviewed for high school positions who were either not offered the job or turned it down. Either way these candidates are referred to us by either the high school staff or administration.

What TRBO has done and will continue to do to find coaches:

  1. We have email every professor in the education departments at the University of Oregon, NCU, & LCC. We asked them if we could come speak to their class, pass out flyers, and asked them to pass the email & info onto their students.
  2. We have emailed and spoken to local college coaches about current & former players desiring to coach.
  3. Every fall we speak to a U of O class that is titled “Successful Coaching”. We present our coaching information and make contact with some interested students.
  4. We placed and currently have posters up on all the college campuses as well as internship/job website bulletin boards.
  5. We pay for advertisements on social media to attract volunteers in our community.
  6. We run ads on volunteer & job sights.
  7. We may not be able to pay them but we can offer reimbursement for coaches expenses. If the coach is a parent we offer free participation fees for their child.
  8. We offer training. Your child’s coach will have the opportunity to work alongside and be educated & trained by the High School coaching staff. We have a coaches clinic each November they will attend to learn from others in our community & the high school coaches. We also offer online training courses that evolve into hands-on training.
  9. We offer mentor coaches who will come alongside of our youth coaches to support them, be a sounding board and offer feedback.

**Please understand that many of the coaches we recruit have a passion for the game and desire to use coaching as a tool to teach successful characteristics. They are good hearted mentors. Many though are inexperienced. The youth level is where they can gain experience and have a support network for them to move up the coaching ladder. We offer the above to help them reach their coaching goals.