Valley Teams

Free Agents

FREE AGENT:  Players who are not currently connected to a coach/team.  They desire TRBO to place them on a team.  We will seek first to place players on a school area team.  However, registration numbers do not always align.  If a registered participant’s school area teams are full or not available, players may be assigned or combined with other areas to fulfill the goal of finding every player a basketball team.  We may also need to combine grades.

VALLEY TEAMS:  Rosters for valley teams are set by TRBO.  These are often teams that are made of free agents.  These teams are likely ineligible for the State Tourney.

GOAL:  To provide a team & TRBO basketball opportunities for school area where a Future program has yet to be established.  This includes 4A-1A players as many small school areas do not have enough players to make their own team.  Thus we help find them a place and a team to play with.

HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS:   To provide a place for high school players to continue developing their basketball skills outside the regular season without too many time demands. (Fall & Spring Teams ONLY for HS)

  • Our priority is your high school team as our goal is to build up the high school program.  This team will NOT conflict with your high school team.
  • To allow participants in other sports to play (I.E. Volleyball, soccer, Track, Softball)  In-season sport comes first.
  • We attempt to keep players together from the same school.

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